Dreaming the common house

May 16, 2016


Today is my birthday. And today, when I woke up I realised that I had once more, dreamed about the house. My house. My house are many houses. they are an house in Sweden, an house by the river, in Galicia, my small house in London. The houses are always in need of repair. In one dream water was  falling from the ceiling of living room. In other dreams, the house was in ruins. But it was still a house.


A shelter, a place to sleep, a place that protects you.


Today I am having some friends in my house. We will have dinner together. We will speak about gifts and gift economy. I'll make some "bacalhau a bras" and a Portuguese pudding.


What unites us is a strong need of a deeper connection with each other. To meet in a place where one can speak about what really matters. A longing for understanding the true meaning of all this. How to surpass the wish for survival, the wish to get more money to put food in our plates, exhibitions in our cvs, papers in peer reviewed journals. Surpassing the wish to be productive, to participate in the wheel of constant action with a fixed outcome. Be it articles, exhibitions, blog posts, or work. How to surpass the profoundly ingrained feeling of scarcity? That there is not enough? How to shift to a view of the world that is based in abundance, enough resources for all?


In my group, we don't know yet what we are doing, as we are now dealing with the unknown, undoing the drive to do. For now, we are building a community, bonding, and sharing food and stories.  

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