Realising identity as relationship, as home, in dreams

May 16, 2017

Dreams are deeply personal, and each on of us, should be the one empowered to trace their meaning, weave their interpretation. Only so, if one wants to!  If one is interested in finding an interpretation.


Two years ago, out of the blue, I had the most amazing dream, during a nap, before going to meet an ex girlfriend, in Stratford, where I 'd never been. I dreamt that I was  inside London's underground, but couldn't recognise the names of the stations. Some were called alma-matter, others aqua-alma. The train drove fast. Where was I supposed to get off? On a quick shift of scene, as it usually happens in dreams, I finally reached my destination. Lost in the middle of a town, which I was visiting for the first time, I looked up: in front of me stood a large beautiful building, with a sign: "Psyche Museum."  Quite curiously, the dream initiated a period of intense inner work around psychology, and  2 years afterwards, I visited a special house, holding in my hand the book "Memories, dreams, reflections", from my dear literary friend, Carl Jung. That house turned out to be quite special. My conscious journey around psyche and eros was about to begin. I mean, I’d had journeys before concerning psyche, eros, of course, I am 45, turning 46 today, so , yes.  My dream though,  2 years before, forecasted my future to come. I was about the begin a profound dive into psyche, up to the bone, up to the joyful and painful core of it.


Dreams are funny. They don’t follow at all time, linear time. They go around in circles and circles, Say, you have a series of premonitory dreams over the course of two months. Those are the ones who set the dice for your evolution, your future to come. And then, nothing. You stop remembering dreams. Or they repeat themselves, always the same story, with slight differences, letting you know what you need to look at, what is happening now, in your soul. They are surrealist short stories telling you all the little fragments impeding the way,  the accumulated dust distorting the mirror of perception.


Usually the stories your unconscious puts up on your dream plate,  are not lovely ones. They are tough, and involve pain. But dreams, says Irina Tweedie, a Russian/British Sufi teacher,  burn your karma of decades, in a few months, if you are conscious, if you dare to unlock those dusty rooms where every monster, beast and perpetrator you find, are basically, no one else but you. To the more skeptical ones,  this "karma" burning idea is actually no esoteric rocket science. Karma, in its etymology, means result of action. So getting rid of karma through dreams,  just means that dreams let you know, more quickly, the unconscious patterns that slow you down.


One year ago I began Dream economics project, and wrote, here, about gift economy and my dreams of houses.  For months and months I was dreaming of beautiful large, slightly bourgeois, Victorian houses. With red drapery and wooden floors. But the houses were falling apart,  they were very old and decadent. I used to walk in my houses, usually with my father. We would often go to the library. On one dream, there had been a violent storm, and frantically, I tried to save the books of the library with my father. On another, the floor of the house was about to break, and I had to jump to save myself. Looking down the high façade, I'd seen friends and people inciting me to jump. But I was so afraid.


And then, I began dreaming with other types of houses. New houses, large and bright, white, without much furniture, but inviting. In one recent dream, my friend Beatriz was showing me excitedly the land she had acquired, where she was to build her new home. 

In order to understand my dreams, I keep reminding myself of what Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist says, about realising relationship as identity. You see, in dreams, everything is you.  In the dream with my friend Beatriz, she is me. And that is key. 


Anyway one fast year after the first blog post of dream economics,  I am still  dreaming with houses, and other things. I dream with gifts now, sometimes. But for now, I just take a deep breath. So many things happened and the changes were so fast. It does seem I am trying to build a new home, but for now, I am just learning to relax, and enjoy the show.


Fabulous dreams to all of you my friends.


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