What is Intimate Community?

November 6, 2017


Four months ago, as part of my research on dream economics, I interviewed my friend Arian Bloodwood about they's 30 year experience with intentional communities, and they's more recent  experiment with what an intimate community could be. The interview revealed itself so insightful that it became part of my installation "The Alchemical Cabinet of Desires"  that was exhibited recently at National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, as part of the exhibition GENDER IN ART. BODY, SEXUALITY, IDENTITY, RESISTANCE. 

Arian's 30 years experience with intentional/utopians communities in Australia (their homeland) led them to identify some of its problems. Having moved to London 5 years ago, Arian came across the queer aware conscious sex community.  In the following interview, they describes what is unique about this community, and how it explores and integrates,  in a conscious way,  vital energy, ie erotic and sexual energy, in all its facets.

For Arian, the interesting characteristic of the “queer aware conscious sex community”  is that it supports individuals to be fully authentically themselves. Plus, as the community stems from a profound spiritual context, by exploring sexuality, it taps into unknown territory, as most spiritual communities never approach sexuality, and still make a strong separation between the private realm and the community one.   


What Arian proposes is that within an intimate community context, by allowing the full integration of the base chakras in the overall of the human experience, and by giving space for people to explore all kinds of fantasies including forbidden ones, in whatever configuration, it equips people step by step with the tools to connect at a  profound level with each other. There is an open celebration of the individual and at the same time, a profound learning, on how to be interconnected with others and how to communicate intimately with others. Intimate community is thus, a totally new paradigm of community.


Parts of the interview, will be featured on a larger film-essay I am making about my research project on dream economics. The project explores and intertwines night dreams (the shadow, ie, the unacknowledged parts in us) with new economic alternatives, and pioneering visions for the world.

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