Night Journeys... With Emotional Intimacy

March 13, 2018


"What is it like to be jealous, what is it like to be spiteful… we cannot approach it… no no no… that is not spiritual…


Spirituality is inquiry,. Therefore those that know love, they have explored hatred… They haven’t identified with it, they have explored it, they understand it. They have to know it !


When it arises in me, hatred, anger, hostility, jealous, what really happens, when I just explore it with my feelings. What happens with the body, when that happens? Feel it only. I am not interested in what some “ghost” called “me” has to say… If no one is speaking no one responds… back here… you see?


What is that like?


Perhaps you just start with steering, pulling, burning… go into the center of that. Or as I would say before, dance into the fire. Until nothing remains…


See, no coping mechanism anymore. You are here to dance with the fire.  So you can know it, who is dancing with the fire.  To know that you are awareness.  Its an internal fire, that burns. What is it like to want, what is it like to need. What is it like, to not get your way?


You see, this is very intimate. I call this emotional intimacy.  And when you have emotional intimacy with yourself, your perceive and treat the world very differently. This is how we cultivate love. By knowing everything else, intimately.  And if something treacherous arises within you, relax into it. And let it take you where it is going to take you and let it do to you what it is doing, and give it an easy time doing so … 


Externally, I never tell you to dance in the fire, if someone robs you to rob you kindly… internally , let everything that arises, be the fire you let yourself into, and let it rob you blindly… and see what remains… get to know that!


be aware of what is aware, and dare to dive into the center of each experience." Matt Kahn



“‎Perhaps everything that frightens us is,

in its deepest essence,

something helpless

that wants our love."

― Rainer Maria Rilke...


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