Inner and Outer Explorations (Notebooks 2016-2018)

March 13, 2018


August 2016


Trying to grasp while surpassing the thought of grasping

Drinking water

Feeling the breeze

The stone girl looks without a smile

The dark roses old tree

The wind lightly blows the small dried leaves

The women struggles, she knows no English

But the love for the language pushes her

Transforms her into an observer

Dissolving into an imaginary life

Going up into the sky

Where is the azimuth of love?







man walking with large coat

Peter Falk

Rhianna’s smile

Alan Wallace

Beautiful London

The meaning

Mateus happiness____


Sick with hot chocolate. Why do I drink these drinks?

Someone I thought that it was a man, turned out to be a woman. What to do?



Happy to be in London

Does all this makes sense?

I don’t know. In the past, my mind was different. Community, happiness. Projects, 

Fashion magazines.

A new neighborhood.

Uncertainty about application. Uncertainty about myself.

Waiting for the thoughts to come.






The animals know they are safe here, Frederic, Tamera, 





The world is every day, every hour, every second, as if a snapshot, a thin slice of a cake, as a whole. The work really is what is NOW. History is gone. It is as if a playful experiment of consciousness unfolding itself into matter. How to live, from the standpoint of this understanding? The encounters and journeys of souls.








September 2016


Tyger tyger burning bright, in the forest of the night

What immortal hand or eye, 

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? William Blake


“the true wisdom is locked in childhood” Blake’s thought


“stand still, the forest knows where you are”. David Wagamome






Stand still, fear, the vowels that escape the writing, a central like train to epping. Loving words, Loving English. A  new language skin..  English language. The twisted little finger. Loving father. Planet ateliers. Guidance. The gloves. Being moved around. Love is hard. An heart that ions having been constrained. Forgiveness. The divine comedy. Trump. La divina Comedia. In new mezzo della tua vita ti trovirai new culo una mattina…


When meditating, something pointed to me, the aching heart. I was being hearts all over the place, images of hearts, last year.




Riding the train I told Dinis, I am like Carl Jung. I felt so much love for Carl Jung, I really did…


Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung, p.243






Memories, dreams, reflections, Carl Jung, p.243


"The theriomorphic attributes of the gods, show that the gods extend not only into super human regions, but also into the subhuman realm."


The "pisciculi Christianorum" show that those who imitate Christ are themselves fish - that his, unconscious sould who require the "cura animorum". 


Divan-i-kaas, in Delhi, where the Mughal emperor received courtiers and state guests. The red fort of Delhi.


CONIUNCTIO - The sacred marriage, the coniunctio or coitos, refers to the union of our divine spirit with the soul, and finally, the body. 


CONIUNCTIO/Conjunction (of opposites).


1.reception room for spirits (mother)

2. fish laboratory (father)



AION AEON, gnostic term for "emanations of God".


Synchonicity: " an acausal connecting principle..."


ANTHROPOS - the self 

alchemist as anthropos



Book of Job, old testament



p.247, "Schopenhauer's negation of the will points prophetically to a problem of the future, that has already come threateningly close. The dream discloses a thought and a premonition taht have long been present in humanity: the idea of the creature that surpasses its creator, by a small but decisive factor." 



wotan, god of ectasy

Wihelmine era






Our souls as well as our bodies are composed of individual elements, which were already present in the ranks of our ancestors. The "newness" in the individual psyche is an endless varied recombination of age-old components. 













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